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Patent Services

Have you created a new invention or ornamental design?  If so, then a patent application is the most pertinent course of action.  Patents are amongst the strongest intellectual property rights one can own.  If approved, a registered patent can grant up to a 20-year monopoly to exploit the invention as the owner/inventor see fits.  Patents include a wide variety of items such as: new and novel inventions (utility patent), ornamental designs (design patent), and even engineered seeds (plant patent).


Take your time, and if you are unsure, please call us at (305) 921-9326 for a free phone consultation about your best course of action.

The below description is linked to a simple form that allows you to contact our firm within minutes based upon the nature of your invention.

New Patent Applications





  • A new patent application should be filed whenever someone creates a new invention.  Common examples of such works include:

    • Utility Patents

    • Design Patents

    • Plant Patents

  • A new patent application is the first place to begin once an inventor has crafted something unique, new, and nonobvious.


What's Included in the Price:

  • The initial quote and consultation is absolutely free

  • Upon review of your proposed invention, one of our attorneys will provide you with several options and a quote for each


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